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Productivity Challenge Chapter Five – Automation Reloaded

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Remember the robots ? We talked about them in chapter two. To jog your memory, chapter one was email management, chapter two was about automation, chapter three was calendar management while chapter four was phone management.

Well today, you’ll learn how to make the robots help you even more. You’ll be like those Robot Wars guys only even more badass. In terms of time, this really takes it to the next level.

Before we do that, let’s recap: you have so far won at least 3h15 per day. Not too shabby uh?

I’ve also asked you to complete your list of tasks. If you’ve been wondering, this list is actually Chris Ducker’s 3 lists to freedom. He uses them to know which tasks to delegate or outsource.

So, now, let’s start Challenge No.5 where you delegate work to the robots.

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