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Productivity Challenge Chapter Six – Delegation

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How much did the previous automation challenge blow your mind?

Have you picked up the pieces enough to get to next step in your journey? By now, you’ve saved more than 6h15 per DAY! Most people work 8 hours per day and you are nearly double their productivity. How do you feel? like a demi-god? Are you laughing at your coworkers saying they are overworked while you handle 2 times their load? (don’t do that, it’s rude…)

The next step in this tremendous adventure makes things even more interesting, especially if you have are a business owner or a manager.

Before we get started, let me remind you that you can find chapter one on email management here, chapter two on automation here, chapter three on calendar management here, chapter four on phone management here and chapter five on automation (reloaded)here.

Now, let’s get it on with challenge no.6! Continue reading