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Productivity Challenge Chapter Seven – Outsourcing

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This is the end. This is the last of the productivity challenges. You first started by learning about email management. Then, you went through an automation phase. Afterwards, it was calendar management, then phone management, then automation (again) and finally delegation.

After these 6 challenges, you have saved a total of 9h15 per DAY. That’s already pretty cool since you are more than twice as productive as the regular person.

Now, for the grand finale, we are going to add an extra day, a full 7 hours. The equation will look like this:

You = 3 people.

Simple. Now, let’s get started. Continue reading

Productivity Challenge Chapter Six – Delegation

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How much did the previous automation challenge blow your mind?

Have you picked up the pieces enough to get to next step in your journey? By now, you’ve saved more than 6h15 per DAY! Most people work 8 hours per day and you are nearly double their productivity. How do you feel? like a demi-god? Are you laughing at your coworkers saying they are overworked while you handle 2 times their load? (don’t do that, it’s rude…)

The next step in this tremendous adventure makes things even more interesting, especially if you have are a business owner or a manager.

Before we get started, let me remind you that you can find chapter one on email management here, chapter two on automation here, chapter three on calendar management here, chapter four on phone management here and chapter five on automation (reloaded)here.

Now, let’s get it on with challenge no.6! Continue reading

Productivity Challenge Chapter Five – Automation Reloaded

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Remember the robots ? We talked about them in chapter two. To jog your memory, chapter one was email management, chapter two was about automation, chapter three was calendar management while chapter four was phone management.

Well today, you’ll learn how to make the robots help you even more. You’ll be like those Robot Wars guys only even more badass. In terms of time, this really takes it to the next level.

Before we do that, let’s recap: you have so far won at least 3h15 per day. Not too shabby uh?

I’ve also asked you to complete your list of tasks. If you’ve been wondering, this list is actually Chris Ducker’s 3 lists to freedom. He uses them to know which tasks to delegate or outsource.

So, now, let’s start Challenge No.5 where you delegate work to the robots.

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Productivity Challenge Chapter Four – Phone Management

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Now , where were we?

Oh yea, we have completed some email management in chapter one, automation in chapter two and calendar management in chapter three.

With these three challenges, you’ve saved 2h45 so far. If you work 10 hours a day, well, that’s close to a 30% increase in productivity. Because let’s face it, you are probably not going to work less, just better.

Now, we are on challenge no.4. Let’s get going shall we?

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Productivity Challenge Chapter Three – Calendar Management

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Hi friend,

This is the third chapter of the Productivity Challenge Series. You can find chapter one on email management here and chapter two on automation here.

Now, if you’ve completed the tasks assigned in the previous two challenges, you’ve saved 1h45 minutes but that’s not enough, not nearly enough. We need to go deeper!

Today, this is what we are doing with our challenge no.3. Today, we tackle Time Management directly!
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Productivity Challenge Chapter Two – Automation

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Hell Yeah , we are moving forward with this second post on the Productivity Challenge!

So far, after 1 challenge, you have saved 45 minutes. What do you think of that? Read it again by clicking here if you want.

You are probably very eager to start and wonder what’s next. Or, if you are a regular human being, your eyes have already been drawn to the giant graphic below and you know what’s coming.

So I won’t delay any more, let’s get on to Challenge No.2!

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Productivity Challenge Chapter One – Email Management

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Alright folks,

How are you all today? Hopefully you guys are ready as I’m kicking off my series on the productivity challenge. It’s structured as 7 challenges to help you save AT LEAST 15 hours during your day. Basically, you become 3 people. Legal cloning!

Anyways, if you want to follow the email course instead, just follow this link and sign-up. You’ll get all chapters faster, within 7 days.

Another thing before we begin, you need to take this test. It will help you really put a $ value on your time, which is key for the challenge.

You have 15 minutes…

Now, you are ready? Let’s begin with challenge No1. Continue reading

Productivity Challenge

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Hi people! Steph here!

This is my first post on and I don’t want to waste your time with a “Hello World”. So here you go, right off the gates a way for ya to get more time during your day: Our Productivity Challenge!

Register and you’ll receive 1 challenge a day for the next 7 days. If you finish all of them, you’ll save more than 15 hours during the day. Yea, it’s real tools that give real results.

I’ll also be posting each of the challenges here individually, but at the rate of 1 per month. So if, you want them all within a week, sign up below

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