About Steph

Hi Guys and Gals,

My name is Steph. Now, let’s get certain things out of the way:

First, I look like this:

This is ME!

This is me! Looking in the distance


Second, I work in a large corporation while co-owning E.G. Impecc. All in all, my purpose is to make things and people more productive. In order to achieve this, I’ve read a shit-ton of books, articles, etc and applied (or tried) a lot of techniques. Some worked well, some didn’t.

Anyways, my goal with this blog is simple. I want you to benefit from what I learned over the years (and from what I’m still learning). BTW, if you have any special requests for articles or the like, just contact me by email at steph@egimpecc.com.  Oh! you can also leave a reply below or contact me on the only personal social media account I currently monitor.

Eventually I’ll write more about myself here as my adventure grows but for now… well that’s it.


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